Together, we’re creating a Minnesota where everyone can heat, cook, and power their appliances with Midwest-made clean energy.

Heating Minnesota with safe, affordable energy

We believe everyone in our state deserves:

Reliable energy with consistent prices we can all afford.

Safe energy that eliminates indoor air pollution.

Clean, Midwest-made energy that leverages Minnesota innovation to curb pollution and tackle climate change.

Transparent, accessible, and equitable decision-making, so that every Minnesotan can make their voice heard and see themselves in our shared vision for a clean energy future.

Tools and up-to-date information on how to access safe, reliable and affordable energy.

With the right choices and collective action, we’re crafting a brighter future where instead of relying on gas, we’re choosing clean, safe, and healthy energy sources.


The world is moving away from climate change-causing fossil fuels and questioning the wisdom of continuing to bring natural gas into our homes and workplaces. Our state is a hub for clean energy and innovation. That’s why Minnesotans are coming together to make sure our transition away from gas and toward safe, affordable, clean energy benefits all of us – regardless of our age, race or ZIP code.

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Take action with Clean Heat Minnesota

Together, we’re creating a Minnesota where everyone can heat, cook, and power their appliances with Midwest-produced, affordable, clean energy. We are co-creating our vision across a multi-racial, statewide coalition of Minnesotans.

Minnesota Building Decarbonization Analysis

Clean Heat Minnesota commissioned Synapse Energy Economics to analyze how Minnesota could decarbonize its homes and buildings in the most feasible, cost-effective, and equitable ways possible.

The analysis modeled energy consumption of electric space heating, water heating, cooking, and clothes drying in residential and commercial buildings — while also measuring the impacts of changes in energy consumption on Minnesota’s gas and electric systems.

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